The monography has been specially compiled for specialist and intermediate expert. Description of the 27 foraminiferal taxons from the family of Rotaliidae Ehrenberg, 10 taxons from Miscellaneidae Sigal, 8 taxons from Nummulitidae de Blainville, 12 taxons from Alveolinidae Ehrenberg, 12 taxons from Fabulariidae Ehrenberg, 10 taxons from Miliolidae Ehrenberg and other 34 taxons are revised and the stratigraphy of the 18 Paleocene localities were re-studied by the light of the revised foraminiferal taxons. Furthermore, the biostratigraphic range of the foregoing foraminiferal taxons are re-organized in accordance with the previously fixed shallow water marine Paleocene and Eocene zones (SBZ 1-20). In Consequence of this study, three new genera , viz Caldagina n. gen. (type species Caldagina paleocenica n.gen. n.sp.) from the Danian, Burdurina n.gen. (type species Burdurina selandinica n.gen.n.sp.) from Selandian and Pseudokathina n.gen. (type species Pseudokathina selveri(Smout)from the Thanetian and four new species such as Laffitteina biconvexa n. sp., Akbarina yarisliensis n. sp. from the Selandian of Burdur area, Cincoriella paleocenica n. sp. from the Thanetian exotic limesone block of van area and Glomalveolina pernavutensis n.sp. from the Ilerdian of Kars area are described and figured. The general SBZ zonation of the stratigraphic sections with regard to the Paleocene-early Eocene stages have been realized.