Previously described and figured two species from Thanetian and four species from Ilerdian of Ranikothalia Caudri; one species from Thanetian, five species from Ilerdian, eighteen species from Cuisian, twelve species from Lutetian-Bartonian, five species from Priabonian and four species from Oligocene ofNummulites Lamarck; one species from Thanetian, one species from Ilerdian, three species from Cuisian, and four species from Lutetian-Bartonian of Assilina d’ Orbigny were dealt, so as to revise them as well to re-organize their biostratigraphic range, in accordance with the Shallow Benthic Zone (SBZ). In consequence of this study, six new species of Nummulites Lamarck such as Nummulites postpolygyratus n.sp., N. postfossulatus n.sp. from middle Lutetian, Nummulites anatoliensis n.sp, middle-late Lutetian, Nummulites postarchiaci n.sp. and Nummulites postirregularis n.sp. from late Lutetian and Nummulites cayrazensis n.sp. from late Lutetian-early Bartonian are created from the Çayraz section. In addition, the localities (stratigraphic sections) of the species were re-organized by means of the new data